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A software pirate is an organization or individual that offers Cracked, Reverse Engineered, Non-Genuine, Imitation CDs, Dongles, Downloadable Applications, or Serial Numbers/Generators Free, for Money, or for Barter to non-qualifying organizations or individuals.

We provide 3 ways to Report Suspected Software Pirates.

1. The Website Report is for those who are pressed for time and just wish to report a website that appears to offer pirated copies of our Software we sell. This report only requires the URL address of the offending website(s).
2.   The Anonymous Report is for those who do not wish to be identified but who wish to make a comprehensive report.
3.   The Full Report which is suitable for those with extensive knowledge of a Suspected Pirate and who wish to expose their illegal activities.

Why Report Piracy?


  Suspected Pirate
Please provide as many details of the organization or person you suspect is using pirated or unlicensed software.

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  The Software
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Program Name (Title)   No in Use
  How is the Software Registered (unlocked)
  Key Generator (Issues Free Registration Code)
  Dongle Crack (Software Patch that Eliminates the Dongle)
  Imposter Dongle (A Non Genuine Dongle)
  Reverse Engineered (Works Without a Dongle)
  Imitation Software with Dongle (Fake, Rip Off, Passing Off)
  Imitation Software without Dongle (Fake, Rip Off, Passing Off)

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  How was the Software or Registration System Obtained
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  Internally Developed by
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If Yes, How is this done
  Any Other Related Comments
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