Using a free email service?

If you are using a free or 3rd party email service like Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. for your business you could be missing out on tech support and updates via email.

Free email providers will automatically block tech support email because it usually contains words, links and downloads they associate with Spam, even though these emails may be critical to update your software or to deal with an urgent problem you may have. This means our critically important email won't get through to you, and not even to your Spam or Junk folders. What's worse is that you won't even know about it!

Aside from having an unprofessional look and lacking a degree of credibility, free emails also pose a huge security risk for business. Hackers dedicate large amounts of resources attempting to compromise free email services, and free email services have little security and support and have little incentive to assist a single user (you).

We have all had someone we know send us a questionable email, only to find out their email was compromised. So you should know that if your email is hacked, you may end up on our blacklist which means we will block your email to us.

If you must use a free or 3rd party email service make sure you mark us and our domain as a safe sender.
-Also, domain names are not expensive, and offer a business a world of opportunities they cannot get otherwise. Regardless if the business wishes to have a website, domain hosting services offer superior email services/support. You can create emails such as info@, support@, etc… This can give a small business the appearance of being much larger and having more to offer. Business emails typically attract much less attention from hackers, offer much greater security against these attacks, and have support to prevent and recover from attacks.

No Reply?
If you have sent a tech support email and have had no reply, please lodge a ticket at Support and check back for a reply at the support site online, rather than waiting for an email.