Pay-by-the-month, explained...

What are pay-by-the-month or pay-by-installment plans?
Installment plans are similar to a hire-purchase agreement where you pay the first month’s installment and we ship you the software by download and/or on discs for your immediate use.

Can I Cancel?
No, because installment payments are based on the purchase price of the software so unlike a subscription which is a rental, you are paying for the software in full, much the same as paying upfront - but just over an agreed number of months i.e. you are paying-off the software license, not renting it.

Each installment will be deducted on the same day of each month from your nominated card until paid in full.

If you elect to have discs delivered, these will be shipped to you.

Terms & Conditions
Installment plans are subject to our terms and conditions of sale, please view here: (note section 3.5.3)