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Here are just a few examples of what can easily be created using VinylMaster Xpt, Pro and Ltr (as indicated):

Glow Effects (VMX) Gold Effects (VMX) Fire & Flame Effects (VMX) Eye-Popping Signs (VMX)
Bump Maps (VMX)   Reflection Maps (VMX)   3D + Shading Effects (VMX)   Prismatic Effects (VMX)
Fills & Textures (VMX)   Mirror Effect (VMX)   Gloss/Matte Effects (VMX)   Masks, Image Effects (VMX)
Wood Effects (VMX)   Soft Shadows (VMX)   Block & Drop Shadows (All)   Extras (VMX/VMP/VML)
Stripe Effects (ALL)   Outlines (ALL)   Inlines (ALL)   Distortions* (ALL)
Flag Effects (ALL) Text Tools (ALL) Power Shapes (ALL) Image Effects (ALL)
Perspective Effects (ALL)   Dimension Tools (ALL)   Arc Distortion (ALL)   Cylinder Distortion (ALL)
Outline Tools (ALL)   Outline Styles (ALL)   Inline Tools (ALL)   Inline Styles (ALL)
Block Shadow Tools (ALL)   Shaping & Welding (ALL)   General Clipart (ALL)   Engraving Fills (ALL)
*Not all Distortions are available in VinylMaster Pro and Ltr.